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First Appointment

The best services are always based on a friendly and mutual understanding between a doctor and a patient. On your very first visit you will have some forms to complete. The purpose of these forms is to get an idea of your health throughout your life. After the forms are completed, you will see Dr. John, who will review your information and ask further questions to help find the cause of your problems. A chiropractic examination will then be performed. This will involve testing:
Range of Motion
Posture & Breathing
Orthopaedic, neurological & other chiropractic tests
Nervous System Function
Reflexes, muscle strength and sensation
We do not simply “crack” bones! We are very exact in what we do, so some people require different amounts of time and preparation.
Your Initial Consultation will last around 60 minutes.
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Report of findings

The second visit is known as the "Report of Findings". During this visit, we will explain what is wrong with your body, how it got there, and provide recommendations for fixing it and starting treatment.
Accompanied by friends and family on this visit often helps them understand what they need to do and help you through the healing process.

If you decide to start treatment, you will not start treatment until this visit. This is a long 30-minute appointment with detailed consultation results, and the information package begins with recommended exercises, advice, and postal treatment.

If you have X-ray examination, it will be explained in detail at the time of this booking and will be a 40 minute booking. These appointments cannot be manually booked online by the front desk.

Everything from injury rehabilitation to preventative care, we have you covered.

Our office is dedicated to providing the best possible chiropractic care using the most advanced techniques. Located in the heart of the city, we offer moon boots for foot pain, free parking, unmatched customer service and unmatched results.
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Our team of experienced professionals is committed to making your endoscopy procedure as comfortable and stress-free as possible.
Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care and the latest advancements in endoscopy technology.
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